Who We Are

Americans for Prosperity — Montana is a network of more than 17,000 Montana citizens working together to advance economic freedom and opportunity.

We are a locally run, locally supported and locally focused chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a nationwide organization of more than 3.2 million activists who believe that limiting government will promote prosperity and wellbeing for all Americans.

Our mission is to mobilize citizens to advocate for the principles and policies of a free society, cutting red tape and increasing opportunity by putting the brakes on ever-expanding government planning. For more information visit AFPMontana.com

Why We Created the Scorecard

Americans for Prosperity — Montana believes elected officials should support legislation and polices that promote every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. Where there is economic freedom people live happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

This scorecard is intended to educate the public about legislation and lawmakers’ voting records. This enables informed citizens to more effectively speak up and be heard by their representatives. The scorecard is also meant to hold legislators accountable for their voting record, allowing citizens to voice their support or disagreement when a legislator votes for or against their beliefs.

What Is the Difference Between Lifetime and 2017 scores?

AFP-MT also released a scorecard after the 2015 legislative session. We average both scores to provide a lifetime score so that voters can compare the relative and career performance of their representatives. This empowers voters by providing more context. You can find our 2015 scorecard here.

Why Some Bills Appear to be Scored Twice

There can be significant changes to a bill during the legislative process, as compromises are reached to advance positive reforms or improve bad legislation. At times we score bills twice because it represents more opportunity for good ideas to move forward and bad ideas to affect scores. This presents a more robust and accurate representation of the political philosophy that a legislator holds.

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